Youth and Family: Teachings


What We Teach our Children

  • We teach our children that God is Life – the Life within each of them and in all Creation – that all people are children of the One God, regardless of race, color, or creed and therefore all are brothers and sisters.
  • We teach that God is good, all good, and we are all created in the image of God and therefore all good.
  • We teach that God is Love, that we love God because God loves us. We obey God’s laws through Love not fear.
  • We teach that sin is a mistake, and when we make mistakes we experience the consequences of them not punishment by God.
  • We teach that God is Spirit and is present everywhere – that this Spirit is within us and speaks to us through our minds and hearts as we listen.
  • We teach the Religious Science is a philosophy that can be lived at home, at school, and at play. That since God is within us – heaven is also within us – that as we live our lives in harmony with God’s Laws we live in heaven NOW.
  • We teach that in God’s Love we are already whole and perfect.
  • We teach that God is: Truth, Beauty, Peace, and Harmony and that as we recognize our Unity with God our lives are filled with Health, Happiness and Success.
  • We teach that nothing is too wonderful to happen, nothing is too good to be true, and everything is possible with God.

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