Humane Hearts Animal Ministry

Monica Butschek


If you would like prayer support for yourself and an animal companion, please contact us.

Cat Tancrelle

In service to the upliftment of ourselves, animals, and the planet, the Humane Hearts Animal Ministry’s mission is to honor our kinship with all life by:

*Recognizing all life as an expression of the Divine
*Inspiring the expression of our spiritual values in our relationships with all species
*Providing education in the areas of humane and healthy lifestyle choices
*Taking conscious social action on behalf of all species

Grief Support Group

Are you grieving the loss of a beloved animal companion?

Join Humane Hearts Grief Support Group and find a safe space for sharing with others who have also lost a cherished animal companion. Humane Hearts meet on the last Friday of each month at 7:00 PM at The Center.

Prayer Support

If you would like support for yourself and an animal companion in the form of affirmative non-denominational prayer, please contact us.


Honor the memory of your beloved pet by placing a framed photo on the St. Francis of Assisi Altar in the sanctuary.

Humane & Healthy

Resources are available to support you in being vegetarian or vegan. Look for starter guides and brochures in the Fellowship Hall and watch the newsletter and Facebook for events featuring compassionate cuisine that is humane and healthy.