Home Groups


Home Group Leaders

Please contact us for more information.

Barbara Cain
Rev. Betty Harris
Petra Quan

Home groups provide intimate and supportive relationships in a growing Center. Up to 10 individuals meet monthly, usually in a members home, under the guidance of a trained group leader for food, fellowship, and discussion. Members share issues and concerns, learn more about the philosophy, faith, and way of life of Science of Mind, and engage in spiritual rituals such as prayer and discussion of ways to apply your spirituality in the world. Groups also have fun! Leaders often become the connection between members and the larger community.

Home groups are often organized by geographic area in order to minimize traveling. There are groups open only to men. Groups might also be organized around a special focus, such as the environment, or deepening prayer life.

Contact Betty Harris, Barbara Cain, or Petra Quan for information on how to become a member or a leader.