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Spiritual Education is one of the many ways that we grow spiritually. Classes go way beyond the Sunday morning experience by providing a consistent ongoing environment for the student to self-reflect, self-study and expand their scope of spiritual experience and knowledge. Participating in classes and workshops fosters community and soul companions in a way that few other activities can.

The Triangle Center for Spiritual Living is a covenanted member of both United and International Centers for Spiritual Living. We offer certificated classes which prepare students for the Licensed Practitioner training and if called, to the ministerial program. There are 6 required classes which are taken over an 18-24-month period which lead to the 24-month Practitioner training. Anyone may take any or all of these classes without any intention to become a practitioner.

These classes include:

Foundations Class (pre-requisite to all others)

Self Mastery

Essential Ernest Holmes

Prosperity Plus II

The Power of Your Word

Practical Mysticism

Metaphysical Bible

Roots (Study of Emma Curtis Hopkins, Troward, Emerson)

The classes require a commitment to show up, to do the work, to study and to group participation. All classes include meditation and prayer. The Buddhist offer us the concept of a ‘beginners mind’ which is the perfect place to be when embarking on the adventure of spiritual education. What don’t we know, that if we knew it, could transform the quality of our lives.



Workshops at TCSL include yogas, meditations, rituals, & holistic instruction with a love donation appreciated though not required

Workshops are offered by Rev. Dusty, Rev Bill, Rev Betty or the licensed practitioners. They are usually ½ day opportunities to dive deeper into some spiritual subject, inexpensive and a great way to get to know your soul companions in the community – both the CSL community and the Triangle area in general.

Workshops and classes will be announced at services, listed on the Meetup and included in our weekly newsletter.

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