Care & Prayer

Jim Rigsbee


If in need of prayer, please contact us.

Rev. Betty Harris

The Triangle Center for Spiritual Living (TCSL) is ready to support you in a variety of ways. These include Prayer, Pastoral Care, and Spiritual Guidance.


Spiritual Mind Treatment is our form of prayer, and focuses on affirmation rather than on petitions. We know and speak the truth for you until you are ready to know it for yourself. Joining science and spirituality, we affirm the good that you desire and deserve in your life. We affirm for you spiritual, mental, and physical healing, joy, peace, abundance, clarity, and all the good that helps your life unfold perfectly.

CSL, through its ministers and practitioners stand ready to pray with and for you. After Sunday and Wednesday services practitioners are available in the clergy offices to pray with you. You may also call any practitioner for phone prayer, or access the prayer committee. If you would like a personal prayer, written in the first person for you, dealing with your specific intentions, we will be happy to write one for you. You may then read it, preferably aloud, several times, thus joining your prayer to ours until the desired effect is achieved. You may request prayer via text or email from any practitioner, listed on the back of the bulletin and in this webpage.

Pastoral Care

A group of dedicated individuals stand ready to support you during times of stress. If you are ill, hospitalized, recovering from surgery, dealing with loss or other life stresses, please let us know and we will be there to support you. This may include visits, prayer, food, or simply sitting with you. We are also there to celebrate exciting things in your life, such as moving to a new home, having or adopting a child, or marriage,

Please call, text, or email Rev. Betty Harris or Jim Rigsbee with specifics of what is happening or needed. We will inform the senior minister and arrange for the support that you need. All information is confidential.

Spiritual Guidance

We are available not only for prayer and care, but also for longer term, in-depth guidance about spiritual issues. There is a fee for individual counseling but no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Discuss your situation with your selected practitioner for a personalized arrangement.

Spiritual guidance focuses on understanding misperceptions or misunderstandings of the nature of life and of spirit, and on bringing your life and your thoughts into alignment with spirit so that healing can occur and you can move forward with confidence and joy. Make an appointment with any practitioner (listed on the back of your weekly bulletin) and spend time discussing issues in your life and how spirit is relevant, and can become more relevant, to you. All information shared is confidential.


Practitioners are also trained to provide everyday rituals. You may contact either a minister or practitioner for memorial services, housewarmings, blessing of babies, coming of age ceremonies, retirement, renewal of vows, and other celebrations of life or change. Practitioners and practitioner students lead meditations at the Center. They also provide a monthly Saturday morning workshop and participate in special events.

What Are Practitioners?

Practitioners are individuals who have undergone a four-year training period, studying spirituality the nature of the Divine, and developing skills in affirmative prayer and counseling. This includes two years of certificated classes, which are open to all learners. Practitioner students then pursue a further two years of classes specifically dealing with the practitioner role, skills, and knowledge base. They complete the program with a comprehensive written exam, and an oral panel administered by seasoned ministers and practitioners. They are prepared to be in service to God through the TCSL community.