Triangle Center for Spiritual Living

time 10:45 am

Every Sunday from

April 2, 2017


April 30, 2017

2017 Theme: Values Based Spiritual Living

‪ “We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to our spiritual principles, practices, and values.”

April: Transformation and Evolution

Uncertainty is unavoidable. Being fearful is optional. Guidance is available. What if you had faith that was fearless, confident and fun of love for 2017? It can happen! You just need to plug into the right Source. Imagine how the world would change. Imagine how YOUR WORLD could change.

Early Service 8:45am – Celebration Service 10:45am – Meditation 10:00am

April 2 – “Your LIfe Can Be Brand New”

April 9 – “Discover your Transformation”

April 16 – EASTER SUNDAY: “New Life is Possible”

April 23 – “Living Beyond the Stuff”

April 30 – “Created by Joy”

Senior Minister: Rev. Dusty Rippelmeyer; Asst. Minister: Rev. Bill Turner; Staff Minister Rev. Betty Harris. Youth Director: Dr. Michael Mroczynski. Music Directors: Cindi Johnson, Karen Rochford Dailey. 559 Jones Franklin Road, Raleigh. 919-859-2249.