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November 1, 2017


December 27, 2017

Theme for November and December: “Emotional Clarity”

This inspiring and prescriptive book, Emotional Chaos to ClarityHow to Live More Skillfully, Make Better Decisions, and Find Purpose in Life, by Phillip Moffatt leads us from the emotional chaos of the reactive mind to the clarity of the responsive mind.

As Founder of the Life Balance Institute, Phillip Moffitt has observed that most people lack clarity about their life’s direction and the ability to cope with its inevitable challenges. Now, in Emotional Chaos to Clarity, he provides the antidote by showing us the path of skillful living. Grounded in Western psychology and Buddhist philosophy, each chapter introduces a mind state that prevents us from living skillfully, narrates stories from Moffitt’s hundreds of students and clients, and provides step-by-step exercises for readers to find clarity in their own lives. Among the many benefits of skillful living are being able to gain wisdom from both pleasant and unpleasant experiences and having an inner life which can flourish, even if our outer life is filled with difficulty.

Nov 1 – Getting to Know the Real You

Nov 8 – Great Practice for the Road

Nov 15 – Living with Clarity

Nov 22 – Making Great Decisions

Nov 29 – Do the Right Thing

Dec 6 – Get Yourself Some Boundaries

Dec 13 – Are You Just a Little Compulsive

Dec 20 – Facing Hard Times with Power

Dec 27 – Walk Your Path with Forgiveness

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