Movies That Matter: She Sings to the Stars

Movies That Matter: She Sings to the Stars

Triangle Center for Spiritual Living

time 7:00 pm

March 25, 2017

The endless desert. A Native American grandmother lives alone tending her corn.
Her half-Mexican grandson and a white, aging magician are stranded.
No water. A river of stars. Everything changes: anything is possible.

Mabel is a Native American grandmother who lives alone, tending her drought-ravaged corn in the desert Southwest. Her half-Mexican grandson, Third, dreams of ‘making it big’ in LA, but his plans change dramatically when he comes to his grandmother’s house to collect traditional dolls he hopes to sell for a high price. Lyle is a faded magician from LA traveling with a white rabbit, the promise of a gig and a life-long dream to be able to magically disappear. When his radiator boils over, he is stranded outside Mabel’s house. Both men must yield to a timeless rhythm and discover a capacity greater than imagined.

Suggested donation: $7

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In 2011, sister-brother team, writer/director Jennifer Corcoran and producer Jonnie Corcoran, created Circeo Films to independently produce a cycle of dramatic feature films about women — but more specifically, about the feminine — a voice which has long been silent.

A “cycle” of films implies movement. Women live in lunar cycles. Our Earth follows cycles as do planets and stars, everything is in a constant flux of potential, growth. 

The first film of the cycle, She Sings to the Stars, questions what do we believe is ‘real’ and what is ‘possible’? What is sustaining and sustainable? How do we live with each other on the only planet we have? The grandmother in the story says little, but listens and sings to the generosity and grace of place, in relationship to all of it.