Chakra Spirit Animals with Carol Cross

Chakra Spirit Animals with Carol Cross

time 10:00 am

March 25, 2017

Combine two ancient traditions—the use of personal spirit animals and the system of significant energy points in the body known as chakras—to gain greater spiritual guidance and power in your life. Learn how to tune in to the messages that Spirit is constantly sending us!

In this workshop:

  • First, we will go on a guided meditation to discover your personal spirit animal associated with each of the seven chakra energy nodes.
  • We will investigate what significance some of these animals may have for you on an individual basis, as well as their symbolism in some different cultures.
  • We will also review the theory of the chakra energy system and the effect it can have not only on your health and physical body, but on all aspects of your life.
  • Finally, we will discuss how to use these two powerful spiritual tools, spirit animals and chakras, to support the goals, large and small, in your life.

And, because we are all about the bliss, this workshop will be FUN, interactive, creative, personalized, and integrative. Inspired by the multicultural work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, we will delve into both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Please join us!

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Donation: $20 (payable at the door)

Carol Cross is the director of BlissFullU, an organization that offers information, encouragement, and activities to help us all live lives of joyful peace, purpose, and passion. She has been a transformational coach for over 25 years, a writer and educator for over 35 years, and a seeker and learner for her entire life. For a preview of her life philosophy, check out her blog at