Youth and Family Spiritual Practice



A handout for parents to use for themselves and their children

Affirmations are statements we make about our being and our lives. The word affirmation means: something validated, made firm. An affirmation is a desire stated in present-tense terms as if it is already manifesting in our lives. With affirmations we can reprogram our minds as if we are filling a glass of dark, cloudy water, drop by drop, with clear water. 

Writing Affirmations

⦁    Make them personal: I AM… I KNOW… I LET… GOD WITHIN ME IS…

⦁    Make them short: One sentence, if possible, for easy memorizing.

⦁    Write them in the present tense. RIGHT NOW, TODAY, IN THIS MOMENT.

⦁    Never use the past or future tense. 

⦁    Make the vocabulary personal to YOU: Use your own manner or speaking.

⦁    Be specific but do not “outline”. State WHAT but not HOW.

⦁    Use words that touch you at the feeling level. 

Working with Affirmations

⦁    Place them everywhere you are likely to look.

⦁    Write each 10 to 20 times. 

⦁    Say them aloud as many times a day as you can; be enthusiastic.

⦁    Record them and play them to yourself throughout the day.

⦁    If the words don’t ‘feel right’ to you, restate them until they do.